Daniela Treutlein

My name is Daniela Treutlein. I work as Business and Sales Manager for Cosanta BV in Bonn, Germany. Ahead of Cosanta I worked for almost seven years for The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, i.e. TNO Work and Employment. For TNO I worked as policy researcher, consultant, international business developer and EU manager before I moved back to Germany together with my family. Holding a PhD in economics I was in charge of European projects and modelling cost-benefit estimations and quantitative-econometric impact assessments in the area of health and safety. I was i.a. member of the internal “Market team Germany” and the external expert group “Economic incentives for OSH” of the European Agency EU-OSHA in Bilbao.

Back in Germany I worked as EU coordinator for the scientific European network PEROSH (Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health) at the German “Institut für Arbeitsschutz” (IFA) and as EU project manager at the German air- and space center “DLR-Projektträger” before I refreshed my Dutch connection and started working for Cosanta.

For Cosanta I am establishing a German team, office and network of partners and clients in order to promote Stoffenmanager® in Germany and to represent Cosanta as business partner for smart, valid and IT-based management of dangerous chemical substances.

I currently live and work in Bonn, the former capital of Germany near Cologne and Dusseldorf. In my free time I like doing sports and being creative indulging in yoga & Asian arts. Since two years I am practicing Chinese calligraphy with love and passion. In order to stay up-to-date in the area of innovation management, marketing & acquisition I follow an online management degree “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” at the Center for Professional Development of the University of Stanford.

Please do not hesitate to contact me – in English, German or Dutch!